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Doctor's Date with a Billionaire

Doctor's Date with a Billionaire

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They say no one dies in witness protection. Oh, if only that were true…

Jason’s cool, shrewd, and detached from society. He’s had to be. Running from his father’s criminal associates and past indiscretions hasn’t left him with a lot of time to relax and enjoy life. But all that is about to change. He’s finally in a position to testify against his father and start a new life, complete with a brand new identity, courtesy of WITSEC. What he never expected was to unwittingly drag an innocent — and exasperating — woman along with him.

Alexandra lives life to the fullest. She’s selfless, outgoing, and always willing to help her fellow man. As a doctor, those traits served her well. Until the day that saving a stranger triggered a killer case of mistaken identity that landed her in WITSEC alongside Jason, a man as enticing as he is challenging.

It’s not long before Jason and Alex form an unlikely bond—and an even unlikelier attraction. But when their enemies close in and a family emergency forces Alex out of hiding, Jason must decide if sticking to the rules of protection is more important than safeguarding the woman who stole his heart…

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